The site of Chhaya Center is located at Thamel, the main tourism hub at Kathmandu, Amrit Marg, West of Keshar Mahal and East of Bhagwan Bahal temple. It lies in South of Godavari Almunai Association (GAA) and North of Sanchaya Kosh Building. It is 500 meters from Durbarmarg and 5 km from Tribhuvan International Airport. Swoyambhunath Stupa is just 2 kilometers away from the site and Kathmandu Durbar Square is 1.5 kilometer away from the site.

Considered as the biggest complex in Nepal as tourist destination , we have 76000 sq. ft. of land (around 14 ropanies of land). The complex has taken only 40% ground coverage as built up area making 60% open space to facilitate ease of movement. We have developed six “chowks” each representing a unique theme of different tourism squares of the country. In addition, we have 7,866 sq.ft as the leased area till the period of construction. The central chowk of around 12,000 sq.ft area is the center of attraction in which all types of activities like concerts, gala events, festivals etc. will take place throughout the year.

Area of total Lower Ground Floor is 15,994.00 sq.ft where there is facility of parking with dual system. From the 5th floor to the 14th floor there will be around 200 rooms to be used as hotel facilities providing occupancy for 400 tourists, making the location a prime tourist footfall area.

A place to experience mini thamel

Welcome to Chhaya Center, "Thamel within Thamel"
A place to experience mini thamel....
Chhaya center stands tall at the heart of Thamel, Kathmandu. It started its operation in 2018 aiming to represent Thamel by offering an experience of shopping, markets, nightlife, restaurants, cafes, events, live music and many more in one place.


The basements will accommodate around 386 cars in the parking facility. Total capacity of the basement is 153 cars . Area covered by basement is 50,698 sq.ft. The basement floor height 5 meters for dual parking provision.

Craft and food market At Chhaya Center

Chhaya center is the biggest shopping mall in Nepal with a large courtyard. The courtyard comes to life every Friday in the afternoon with the beginning of the “Chhaya ma bazar”. It is a weekly market place which adds an extra charm to the ambiance of the fantastic ChhayaCenter. The bazar aims to carter a wide range of audience in an open space with multiple vendors from different unique background promoting local products. The stalls at Chhaya ma bazaarshowcases different products ranging from accessories, cosmetics, handicraft, foods, groceries and many other daily use products which keeps the crowd engaged.

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Lower Ground Floor

80 cars and 217 motor bike parking is the strength of Lower Ground Floor. The total area covered by this floor is 50,267 sq.ft.

History of Shopping Malls

Shopping malls also known as the shopping centers or shopping plazas, is a collection of individual stores, services, Business hubs and parking area, which is constructed and managed by different management firm. The modern shopping complex also consist of the restaurant, bank, movie hall, offices and different service station as well.

Ground Floor

Total built up area of this floor is 36,995 sq.ft within which aligned commercial area is 16,738 sq.ft. The floor has 1 restaurant of 1,015.32 sq.ft and 82 retail shops for branded items.

New Arrivals in Chhaya Center

Visiting a shopping mall and strolling in and around is one of the most stress relieving therapies for many of us and in this process foods can never be forgotten. Therefore, the eateries are one of the emerging features of shopping complex along with different stores and amusement sections. Chhaya Center also has a great selection of eateries for all the food lovers. Be it a foodie traveler or someone simply looking for a good place to eat - our food outlets will never disappoint you. It houses different specialty restaurants like Marcopolo, Sushi Bar; unique national and international franchises like Himalayan Java, Cream Bell and many other outlets. And to add more choices and varieties, now Chhaya Center has several new additions. The eateries cater wide varieties of dishes including Italian, Japanese, Continental, local and many more which are sure to delight your taste buds. Not only food, the eateries also feature different themes making your meal time blissful.

First Floor

Among 38,148 sq.ft of built area, the commercial space separated for this floor is 20,962.30 sq.ft. There are three restaurants of 1115.97 sq.ft., 1162.77 sq.ft., and 1932.91 sq.ft respectively. Altogether there are 76 retails shops of total 16750.65 sq.ft. for international and national brands.

Chhaya ma Bazaar - a Weekly Market of Art, Craft, Food and More

Chhaya Center is one of the most happening shopping complexes in Kathmandu with varieties of eateries, clothing outlets, cosmetics stores and entertaining centers like club and cinema hall. It is also one of the biggest shopping malls in Nepal with a large courtyard of 12000 sq., which can entertain around 1000+ people. Chhaya courtyard is one of the most vibrant places in the whole complex as various events take place there almost every day. One such event is Chhaya ma Bazaar, a fair that takes place every Friday from 2:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Organized by Natural Earth Order Farm and supported by Chhaya Center, the market aims at promoting Nepali handmade products made by local producers.

2nd Floor

The built up area of this floor is 38,148 sq.ft and the commercial space is 21,943.38 sq.ft. The floor has total 76 shops of total 17615.82 sq.ft dedicated for handicrafts goods and three restaurants of 1120.64 sq.ft, 1198.49 sq.ft. and 20008.43 sq.ft respectively.

Chhaya Center Marketing Director Suman Pandey re-elected as Secretary/Treasurer of PATA

Suman Pandey, Marketing Director of Chhaya Center and former Chairman of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Nepal Chapter (2013- 2018), has been re-elected as the Secretary/Treasurer of PATA International for 2022 -24 tenure. Suman Pandey, a well-known figure in Nepali Tourism industry and also the President of Explore Himalaya, CEO of Fishtail Air; and Director of Summit Air; Marketing Director of Aloft Kathmandu Hotel, is an acclaimed tourism professional with 3 decades of experience in Nepali Tourism and Aviation. He is renowned for his innovative approach and diverse engagements with specialization in the Himalayan Adventure and accredited for his leadership in various organizations including PATA Nepal Chapter, Nepal Tourism Board, TAAN etc. He is especially known for his remarkable contribution in various historical events including Everest Skydive (Since 2008), Kala Patthar Cabinet Meeting of Nepal Government (2009), First Himalayan Travel Mart (2017) etc. We would like to congratulate Mr. Pandey and the newly appointed Team! We wish the Team every success for all the challenges that lie ahead.

3rd Floor

The total area is 38,148 sq.ft of this floor where 26,428.26 sq. ft is a commercial area.

Playboy Club and Lounge at Chhaya Center

Chhaya Center, an International standard shopping mall, is the biggest shopping complex in Nepal with varieties of stores and eatery outlets making it the best place to spend your day out while in Kathmandu. And with the addition of Playboy Club and Lounge, it makes sure to keep you entertained all night long with best music and services.

4th Floor

Total built up area of this floor is 36,995 sq.ft within which aligned commercial area is 29,097.98 sq.ft. There are 5 meeting halls covering 3936 sq.ft and 1 banquet hall of 7,421.20 sq.ft. The floor has Food court and 3 Multiplex cinema hall covering 17,740.54 sq.ft.