You are invited to be a part of the Company

    The space subscribers are given an opportunity to subscribe to share in the company of an amount which is proportional to the value of the space. The value of shares is already built into the price of the space. The Company will still have a good revenue stream after the sale of all eligible commercial/retail/hotel space. The revenues will be mainly drawn from parking, advertisement/hoarding boards in the common space, events/fairs at the central lobby and rentals from kiosks. This revenue will be first utilized for repair and maintenance, security utilities etc. of common areas. The revenue available after such expenses will be distributed as dividend to the shareholders in the Company.

    Along with being the space owners in the project, you would also be the shareholders in the company with a long term sustainable model of repair and maintenance management of the project without any burden to space owners. At the same time you are also securing a long term dividend flow from the company.

    The Proposal
    We propose to provide a lifetime opportunity to people to permanently own a space in the project. We invite interested people to subscribe the space and be a permanent part of the landmark asset in Thamel. The payment terms are easy and in line with the construction schedule,additionally, credit facilities long term monthly payments which could be equal to or less than rental value of the space.